Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hope of Time....

Have you ever noticed, when you drop a pebble in the water,how it splashes and creates ripples. The ripple dies out.The clouds gather and take fearful shapes. They shed their weight and then disappear. Storms come. Storms go. Why does everything seem to get chaotic and then the chaos melts away? This is no scattered phenomenon or an isolated collection of events or out of the line random episodes of unrelated incidents.

Just like when you look out from the thick window of an airplane and see a vast stretch of green that that looks like buckets of green paint spilt on the floor and the some silent voice whispers in the back of your head that these are infact different blades of grasses..shrubs...and who knows lizards,crocodiles et al. It all looks the same to our eyes. If you look at it, it doesnt matter what it is from that altitude! Its the greater picture that matters. The shape of the green mass,the flooded regions,the crop circles and things which would be impossible to visualise from down there become more apparent and so does their flaws. The superior connections seem to become distinct.

"Entropy is increasing."
The Disorder or randomness is increasing.

The state of disorder is increasing at a steady but sure pace just like a candle flickers before dying out and darkness follows.
The great say that there was a Big Bang and stop watch of Time started. The heavenly dust that scattered like shrapnel in a bomb explosion made the stars that twinkles in many nursury rhymes. They are moving apart. The state of chaos increasing. Think. Everything even music is becoming more chaotic. listen to Beethoven and then to Anorexia Nervosa. just one minute of listening will be enough for to understand my point. Think. Climate is changing. The traffic, fashion, movies, cultures, countries changing. Changing chaoticaly. Adam and Eve were naked in biblical ages. And then men and women began wearing clothes. Then too much clothes. Then we are shedding them again.

They say the tape will be played in reverse. We came from a Singularity and We will go Back into a Singularity.

And they say there is calm before a storm. We are in the storm and there will be calm after it.

Perchance, the time of  Time is running out.

Time would say "Sigh! Hope Not"

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